The Pharm2Phork Project is a UK registered non profit organisation established (2001) to develop and distribute Open Source solutions for the agricultural production, transportation, storage and processing sectors. Our initial products were developed to aid in the compliance with food tracability (EU 178/2002 and Sunrise 2005) regulations.


The following packages have been or are being prepared for the 4.0 release:

  • OpenDDS Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems
  • Esper integration for complex event processing (CEP).
  • Workflow Builder (EPC/BPMN2) Client, Service and Repository
  • Jade 4.1.1 + LEAP (Android,J2ME-CLDC-MIDP,PersonalJava/CDC-Personal) Upgrade
  • Jadex 2.1 Agent framework for BDI based Agent Workflows (BPRM)
  • GaianDB: Dynamic Distributed Federated Database integration
  • Datomic/DynamoDB/Infinispan support for AWS storage
  • SNEE Sensor Network Query Optimizer
  • Watermark/Irrometer “RSU” Series Sensor Integration
  • FieldNET wireless irrigation integration
  • Apex/Farm Works/Fieldstar Data Integration
  • NK-CRM, Salesforce, Siebel, eCRM and Sugar Integration
  • Semantic MediaWiki and Drupal integration
  • GoogleViz, Google Maps API3 + Fusion Table Integration

The latest version is based on a generalised backend running a Virtuoso Open Source Server providing a platform which includes data storage/retrival in Relational, RDF, XML and Linked Data formats, a SPARQL engine, inference engines (Hermit, Fact ++) and other features found in the typical LAMP stack. OpenDDS and Esper CEP provide Peer-to-Peer, Pub/Sub Communications with QoS allowing seamless integration of Event-Driven and Workflow-Driven systems.

The v4.0 process modeling framework has adopted the ‘Instant Virtual Enterprise’ model for process specification and provides tools to create reusable, pattern based workflows which are stored in a repository of abstract and pre-defined processes. These processes are then enriched within the designer prior to submission for execution and can include the provisioning of local and remote Jade (FIPA compliant) autonomous agents throughout the IVE supply chain. Jade agents provide distributed decision making, reasoning and handling of knowledge.

Middleware and Front end processes are provided via NetKernel modules and new modules have been added for additional front end functionality (Neo4j, ProM 6…) as well as integration with the new back end components. Web service API’s are in the process of moving to 3Scale and the existing services will be discontinued at the end of June 2012. We will post additional information when the move is complete and full documentation will be available on the 3Scale Pharm2Phork webpage.

Support for EXI binary XML in addition to existing ASN.1 PER encoding for resource contrained devices and networks such as Mesh Networked Sensors, mobile devices and Sat Comms has been provided. Other changes include the update of our Log Mining toolset to use ProM v6 libraries and export log data in both XES and MXML formats for near real time compliance and performance monitoring via DSS and CEP pub/subs.

There are many other enhancements comming soon such as Apache Stanbol and Tinkerpop support. The new AMI and VM images will be publicly available for download in Q1 2012.

Initially the services provided at Amazon and 3Scale include:

  • Ag Ontology and Documents
  • Agrovoc and Associated Ontologies for Document Production
  • Published PML Message Indexes
  • Locate/Retrieval of PML Messages
  • Environment Monitor for Inmarsat Crew 77,55,33

Starting with version 3.0 we have used RDF datastores by default. Version 4.0 now includes Pubby to add Linked Data interfaces allowing this data to be accessed as a graph. An interesting technical presentation on graph datastores can be viewed here.

A conversion process is available using d2rq to convert your relational data to the RDF store, or you can use the RDF/RDB bridge, also using d2rq . A SPARQL endpoint using the bridge with NK-CRM demo data is here.

The suppplied OWL2 ontologies were designed for standalone use or as domain specific ontologies aligned with the Business Process Management Ontology (BPMO) . Support for importation of industry or organisation-specific ontologies has also been provided through configuration settings.

Other new features include Dublin Core, Friend of a Friend and Good Relations meta data exposed via RDFa and the integration of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Amazon AMI’s will now be available in two flavours, free and fully supported. Fully supported instances will be made available by Semontco (DE) by subscribing to the appropriate paid AMI on the Amazon Web Services site. On-site and remote consuting, training and configuration services will also be available through Semontco(DE) as of Q1 2012.

The AgEd project has developed courseware aimed at providing secondary level students with an apolitical view of the technologies underlying GMO research and development. The courses are based on the Bio-Rad “DNA In A Bottle” , “GMO Investigator” kits and the latest “BioBricks” assembly kit. More info on these kits can be found on the Bio-Rad and BioBricks Foundationwebsites. Nature magazine also has a lighthearted resource here and a series of animated videos can be found on MIT’s OpenCourseWare site here.