How to Manage Personal Hotspot on iPhone SE
How to Manage Personal Hotspot on iPhone SE

If you have Internet connection in your iPhone SE, you can share the connection using Personal Hotspot. This Personal Hotspot works only if iPhone is connected to the Internet over the cellular data network. Therefore, this feature may not be available with all carriers. When you share the Internet connection in your iPhone SE, additional fees may apply. Every carrier may have certain terms and conditions related to this feature. This is why it is better for you to get more information about data charge of your carrier by contacting your carrier, especially if you want to use it as a Personal Hotspot. If you are sure about all terms and conditions, you can continue with this tutorial about how to manage Personal Hotspot on iPhone SE.

How to set up Personal Hotspot on iPhone SE

In this tutorial about how to handle Personal Hotspot on iPhone SE, you will get all information related to Personal Hotspot on iPhone SE. We start with this information about how to set up this feature so that you can share your Internet connection with the other devices. If you want to share in Internet connection on iPhone SE, go to Settings > Cellular, then tap Personal Hotspot. This option may not appear for the individual carrier; therefore, you can only share it when you can find the option within the Cellular menu so that you can set up the service with your carrier. If the Personal Hotspot is on, you can connect your other devices in the following ways:


If you want to share the Internet connection through the Wi-Fi connection, you can choose your iPhone from the list of available Wi-Fi networks on the device.


You can also use the cable that came with it to connect your iPhone to your computer. After the cable is plugged in, in your computer’s Network preferences, choose iPhone and configure the network settings to enable the connection.


You can go to Settings > Bluetooth so that you can turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone SE. If you want to pair and connect your iPhone with your Bluetooth device, you can refer to the documentation that came with your device.

After you turned on Personal Hotspot on your iPhone SE, when there is a device connected, you can see a blue band appears at the top of the iPhone screen. While the Personal Hotspot icon appears in the status bar of iOS devices using Personal Hotspot. If you need so, you can change the Personal Hotspot settings on your iPhone SE. to change the Wi-Fi password for iPhone, you can go to Settings > Personal Hotspot > Wi-Fi password, then change the password by entering the new one. You can also rename your Personal Hotspot by going to Settings > General > About > Name. after that you can change the name of your Personal Hotspot. Well, that’s all about how to manage Personal Hotspot on iPhone SE. if you want to see your cellular data network usage, you can see it in Settings > Cellular.

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