How to Set Up Your Dash Wand


To get going, you’ll need the Amazon Shopping app for iOS or Android. Get the application for your phone. The included recommendations let you know to start your browser and head to and setup. With this display, you can choose both British or US to create, in my experience this generated a redirect error. Alternatively, you’re able to only put in a new device in the Amazon software.

  • Start the software, to get this done and engage the selection button while in the top left part, then select Your Account.
  • Scroll down and pick “Set up a new device” under Dash Buttons & Devices.
  • Next, select Splash Wand and on the next monitor, specify which design you’ve. Should you bought yours recently, it’s probably second-generation. The app will show a photo of each model wand to help you confirm which you have to you.
  • After you’ve picked your Rush Wand model, a screen should be seen by you like the one below. Touch “Get started.”
  • You’ll have to give the Amazon application agreement to use your location so that you can set up Wi-Fi in your Dash Wand.
  • At this point, if you haven’t already, open your Dash Wand up by falling the two halves aside and inserting the included AAA batteries.
  • Press and contain the circular button quietly of the Splash Wand to enter setup method. A minute to configure itself will be taken by the wand.
  • Pick yours, when a list of available systems looks.
  • Your Splash Wand is initiated, when you observe this display, and you’re ready to begin using it.

How to Utilize Your Dash Wand to Scan Material and Keep in Touch With Alexa

You can find two main techniques you should use your Dash, Wand. You can sometimes use it as being a handheld Alexa product, or as being a bar code scanner. The wand cleverly separates between which setting centered on how you keep it. It will hear for Alexa orders if you contain the hold down the button and need upright as within the photo below.

How to Use Your Dash

Alternatively, if you place the wand away from you, the bar-code protection may switch on. Point it at any item, and the wand can instantly include it for your shopping cart software (yes, it’s merely within your cart—you’ll need to open the Amazon website or software to complete the purchase). When something is effectively scanned by it, you’ll hear a positive “Ding!” telling you it was successful.

Available via Amazon

Amazon will endeavor to complement search to the products you for specifically. If it might find merchandise that meets the barcode you scanned, it’ll incorporate your shopping cart software and that object. If it can’t find an exact match, it enables you to search for an estimated merchandise and will produce a notice of it within your cart.

Available via Amazon Fresh

If any products you find are just available via Amazon Fresh, subsequently they will be fit by Amazon in a first wagon simply for Fresh requests. The Rush Wand comes with a free 90-day subscription to Amazon Fresh, but next, you’ll spend $15/month (together with your Prime subscription) just to order from Fresh. In case you determine not to do this. Nevertheless, you may still use your Splash Wand to-order low-Refreshing things like pet food, laundry detergent, or trash bags.