Certainly, the vast majority of you already know that phrase that says that a second chance there is to create a first impression, something that the guys at Samsung have very clear. If we take into account that the company is playing much with the arrival of the expected S8 Galaxy, it is okay to pretend that there is a great secrecy around the device, which is expected next spring.

Samsung Galaxy S8

After all, Samsung would have already completed their research about the failure of the injured and missing Note7, as reported to the Korean media, and soon will publish the results. Whatever it is, fans of the brand have no choice but to look forward and trusting that the technology giant knows amend his mistake and do the right thing with its new flagship.

In recent months we have witnessed a significant number of rumors and leaks, which are now beginning to sound suspiciously close to reality, which ruins the element of surprise or the more ambitious expectations completely.

In an e-mail sent yesterday by the President of Samsung Mobile, Dong-jin Koh, the mobile Department employees, could read as follows: “I feel genuinely sad after hearing news of the recent attempts of violation of data and leaks of prototypes that the company is working with its vital data for us. This type of incidents already has brought us Galaxy S8 problems with the design and strategy of business in the past”.

What is clear is that the President of Samsung Mobile has a tough task when it comes to preventing leaks, as are running the guys at Phone Arena. On the other hand, seems a little late to issue this statement if we consider that they have already given to know much of the possible specifications of the new flagship of the company.

We are waiting for an eager new star of the Galaxy family and hope that the guys at Samsung have something enormous prepared to deliver the knockout blow on the table and shut many mouths. And you, what do you expect from the new Galaxy S8?