The Online Training Project was tasked with the development of course material to assist users of the Pharm2Phork system in understanding the concepts and technology behind our latest release. There have been a lot of questions regarding the additional ontologies, rules based processes, automated workflows and new P2P infrastructure.

We are currently in the process of producing a series of videos that will be made available via our YouTube channel. Currently we are scheduled to provide basic operational and configuration sessions with the conceptual videos aimed at developers and integrators at a later date.

In addition to the video resources we are also preparing a new set of manuals (PDF) and demo programs that will be available on our portal some time in the autumn 2010. We are currently working on the basic operational videos for Workflow production, Peer Group creation and maintenance and CRM integration in concert with the creation of the manuals.

We plan to produce basic training in ontology and meta data use and creation, as there seems to be a good deal of confusion in these areas as well as training on the individual underlying technologies used in the Pharm2Phork project, as this has grown expotentially over the past few years.

The Semantic Media Wiki currently under construction will provide information on over 800 semantic related technologies and has a faceted browsing facility to aid in the location of technologies of interest. An page with several examples of this technique can be found here.

Demonstration programs will be made available as completed on the web portal under the Pharm2Phork Demo community, with sub communities added by subject area. We hope that this facility will be of use not only to Pharm2Phork users but to a more general audience wishing to further explore semantic technologies and their relevance in the business process arena.