The Ontology project provides for the integration of various domain ontologies used in the Pharm2Phork system and is responsible for the maintainence of existing and addition of new domain ontologies. In addition to the original Agrovoc Agricultural Terms Ontology we have added support for several domaĆ­n specific ontologies as well as more generalised ontologies such as BPMO and Open Cyc.

The present base set of ontologies include full editions or subsets of;

  • Agrovoc Ontology (UN FAO)
  • Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
  • SOA Ontology
  • NFOODS Food Components
  • International Framework for Food Description
  • Biological entities(FAO-AGRIS-CARIS)
  • Crop-wild relatives Ontology (CWR Ontology, FAO)
  • Food Safety Ontology (IPFSaPH)
  • Gene Ontology (GO)
  • Global Plant Checklist (GPC)
  • Land Areas Ontology FAO-AGRIS-CARIS
  • Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database (MMPND)

The goal of this project is to integrate knowledge bases into the system to provide support for a more automated workflow process and will soon allow for automated choreography/orchestration of services in the Pharm2Phork workflow process.

To this end the project is also working towards providing a COHSE (Conceptual Open Hypermedia Services Environment) server. The intention is to provide for the integration of ontology services and open hypermedia link services, to form a conceptual hypermedia system enabling documents to be linked via metadata describing their contents.

Other sub-projects include;

  • OCML Integration for use of COBRA Ontologies
  • Further integration of SKOS within Pharm2Phork
  • OWLAPI Modules for NK 3/4
  • Semantic Media Wiki (presently under construction internally)
  • Development of plugins to assist in the integration of semantic data in BPEL2
  • Integration of Taverna 3