One of the display tester or display agencies, DisplayMate has just issued a report card for the iPhone X screen. As a result, DisplayMate rewards the A + value for the performance of the iPhone X screen. In fact, just about a month ago DisplayMate Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen set as the best in the smartphone market today. Now the record is seized by Apple iPhone X. No wonder, because the OLED screen iPhone x true also made by Samsung.

Performance Screen iPhone X is above the Galaxy Note 8

According to DisplayMate, iPhone X guide excels in some tests, such as OLED screen resolution, auto color settings, angle view performance, and more. From the test results, Display Mate concluded that the iPhone X has the highest performer and innovation, which means the iPhone X screen can be said to be perfect regarding a display screen.

iPhone X matches or adjusts the screen display in several categories, namely high absolute color accuracy, full brightness on OLED smartphone display, highest contrast levels in bright ambient light conditions, and contrast ratio.


The 5.8-inch wide OLED iPhone X screen has a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio, 22 percent wider than the previous iPhone aspect ratio of 16: 9. That’s why iPhone X has a high enough resolution 2436×1125 pixels and 458 PPI. The brightness of the iPhone X display is decreased when viewed from a 30-degree angle when compared to the smartphone LCD screen. Color deviations that occur are also quite small, so the OLED screen iPhone X gets a rating between Very Good and Excellent. The iPhone X OLED display supports two color spectrum industries, sRGB / Rec.709 for contemporary content use, and the new DCI-P3 spectrum contained in 4K Ultra HDTV settings.


Overall, DisplayMate claims that the iPhone X has the highest absolute color accuracy on any display during the screen testing ever performed. DisplayMate even assesses the appearance of the iPhone X close to perfect. ‘The accuracy of the color of the iPhone X is very impressive. iPhone X has an absolute color accuracy of 1.0 JNCD for sRGB / Red.709, the color spectrum used by some concurrent content users, and 0.9 JNCD for the wide DCI-P3 color spectrum used for 4K UHD TVs and digital cinema, ‘wrote DisplayMate at the site.