It has taken a lot of procrastination (eight years of it actually) to finally write about our project from a non technical viewpoint and well, here we are.

Pharm2Phork actually started as a bit of research for a firm wishing to track reusable fruit bins through their supply chain. In the analysis portion of the project we encountered so many challenges that it became an extremely interesting exercise.

After completing the initial investigation a few of us sat around and thought about what, in an ideal (non-commercial) world, could be done to meet the challenges that had presented themselves. On the edges of the chain there were small farmers, pack houses, transporters and intermediate storage facilities (to name only a few) with no computers, connectivity or manpower to collect data and pass it back in a typical connected fashion.

Over the last eight years we strove to solve the issues and have come up with what we think are some excellent solutions, albeit not always using popular technologies, but what we would consider to be the appropriate technologies for each task. We were lucky as we had funding as a research project and there was no push to use technologies to pad ones CV for the next job, or any existing preferences.

We are now refactoring the project and branching out to include additional projects both IT related and non IT, using the same approach in order to find a good mix of solutions for several challenges now facing small to medium size farmers, especially in the developing world.

We hope that these pages can be of interest and possibly of some use to others seeking to solve similar issues in this and other areas of development, but also to provide for ourselves a record of the effort and the process that leads to the completion of the current set of projects. Hope that you will join us and participate as after eight years or so new sets of eyes and viewpoints will be of both interest and value.